Kevin Shuler, made the often difficult home buying process as easy as possible. From the start, Kevin listened to me, asked me questions about what I wanted in a home and helped show me homes that fit that criteria. He set up a personalized email list so I could browse homes on my own time, he also emailed me hot homes that were in areas that he thought I might enjoy living. At no point in the home buying process did I feel pressured and I always knew that Kevin had my back.

Before contacting Kevin my searches often involved looking on Zillow, Trulia and Redfin and driving by the occasional open house. After contacting Kevin I had the chance to see homes before they went on the market, which made making a competitive offer that much easier. Kevin also has a great reputation among other agents and the reason my offer was accepted was based on the other agent’s desire to work with Kevin vs. taking a chance with some other person. Kevin also helped me get into the home for a lot less than asking, all based off of comps. Kevin gets the market, he understands financing and numbers and most of all he understands how to offer superior customer service for those looking for a home.

Once making the offer, Kevin set me up with a transaction coordinator who helped with all of the paperwork process. This paperwork, an often daunting task, seemed effortless. I felt like I was treated like a million dollar client, even though I was not buying a million dollar home. He even managed to introduce me to some of my neighbors, made sure I understood the local community and provided a helpful list of contacts in case I needed any help.

If you want a top agent, give Kevin a call.