I’ve worked with Kevin over several transactions and he’s the real deal.  He’s instantly likable upon first impression, so he’s the professional you want out there representing your interests. He has contacts throughout the neighborhoods he represents so he has information about properties that isn’t readily available to other agents. Contact him for the inside scoop.

Once Kevin knows your goals, he’ll get to work making things happen for you. He has a vested interest in your happiness because he lives in the same neighborhood he represents. He has a great reputation with other professionals in the industry from other agents, to escrow officers to lenders. He’ll assemble a team to make your transaction flow smoothly from beginning to end.

When your transaction is complete, that isn’t the last time you’ll hear from Kevin. He keeps in touch to make sure you’re happy in your new home and is a great resource for new neighborhood buyers.

You’ll be happy with this go-getter after every transaction.